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Popular Sets & Series

  Series reading is a great way to introduce and encourage your students to read. Series reading usually starts with reading the first book in series, especially if the series is linear by design. Great book series guarantee that your students will keep reading, book after book and from series to series. Students get immersed in the characters and talk about their favourite books and characters to their friends. Click Here for the PDF of our most Popular Sets and Series The titles in this book list have been collected by our Canadian Sales Team and represent the Series that are most popular from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Want to Keep Track of your Favourite Series and get updates when new books are released? Check out Series Tracker! Perma-Bound's Series Tracker program will keep you up-to-date on new titles for your favourite series. Please see more information about Perma-Bound's amazing new program at

Spring 2023 Perma Picks Catalogue

Our new  Perma-Picks  Spring catalog showcases the latest and greatest titles available for grades K-12 from Perma-Bound—including: Starred Reviews New & Notables Coming Soon Graphic Novels Series Debut Authors High/Low Makerspace Our Spring Perma-Picks Catalog, showcasing hundreds of Perma-Bound's latest and greatest K-12 titles for 2023, is now available in print and online. We've put together a stellar collection that includes the most recent starred and notable titles from respected reviewing agencies, as well as the latest instalments of popular series. Sections include Starred Reviews, New & Notables, Popular Series, Social Studies, Arts & Literature, Science & Math, Spanish & Bilingual, and Reference—so you're sure to find the best of the best.   View Online Catalog Request Print Copy

Get Your 2023 Author/Illustrator Birthday Calendar!

  The 2023 Author-Illustrator Calendar! Available Now!   Our FREE 2023 exclusive  Author/Illustrator Birthday Calendar  is a wall calendar and a teaching resource!     Beautifully illustrated in full color! Monthly featured author. Introduce students to outstanding authors and illustrators and their books.   Provide a framework for planning weekly or monthly author studies and literature appreciation and enrichment programs.   Aid teachers and librarians in planning cooperative lessons featuring various library genres such as folk tale, poetry, biography, fantasy, and science fiction.   Curriculum Matrix included. Request a copy from your  local sales representative  or  click here  to order your FREE copy today! Order The Print Calendar Here January Calendar   |  Feature February Calendar   |  Feature March Calendar   |  Feature April Calendar   |  Feature May Calendar   |  Feature June Calendar   |  Feature July Calendar   |  Feature August Calendar   |  Feature September Calendar