2022 Virtual Book Show

  Welcome to Canada's Virtual Book Show We're excited to offer you hundreds of specially selected titles for grades K-12, including many in our patented binding, which you can learn more about below. Your local Perma-Bound sales representatives are happy to assist you with any questions you may have. You'll find contact information at the bottom of this page. Choose a collection (elementary or secondary) and explore!                                       Click Here to Visit the Book Shop                               Elementary Secondary Sign In Create Account Elementary Collection { See entire Elementary Listing } Best New Picture Books  { See entire set } Graphic Novels  { See entire set } New Novels Grades 3-8   { See entire set } Canadian Authors/Illustrators   { See entire set } Enduring Must Have Picture Books   { See entire set } New Non-Fiction Titles   { See entire set } Easy Readers   { See entire set } Math   { See entire set } Fairy Tales, Myths, Legends   { See

Weeding Your Library

Weeding Your Library What is Weeding? Weeding is the periodic and continual evaluation of your library's resources with the goal of removing obsolete, damaged, and rarely used books. Weeding ensures that your library's materials are useful, attractive, and accessible to your patrons. Every library's print collection is limited by the space available, and collections must change over time to reflect changes in the community and in the library's goals. Avoiding a “Musty” Library Answer these questions to help you determine if a book should stay or go. Is the book misleading? Is the book factually inaccurate or out-of-date? Is the book worn-out – beyond repair or rebinding? Has the book been replaced by a new edition or better source? Is the book trivial, meaning there is no discernible literary or scientific merit? Has the book become irrelevant in that it's no longer pertinent to the needs and interest of your organization or its readers? Does the

Did You Know? Learn More About Perma-Bound

  Did You Know? Perma-Bound has more to offer than you think! Here are a few of the great features and services available to our customers. An in-house inventory of more than 3 million books -- many books are ready to ship as soon as you order! Sales representatives in every region of the U.S. and Canada -- in nearly every state and province! The option to personalize your books by adding a school name or logo to a classroom set.  Find out more Our guarantee to provide any book you need -- in stock or special order. If it's available, we'll get it for you!  Find out more Our guaranteed durable binding. If you are not satisfied with a book in our Perma-Bound binding, we will replace it! More than 150 years of experience in the book binding business. In addition, Perma-bound offers the following FREE services and products: FREE Collection Analysis and Planning (CAP) program to help you build and maintain your collection.  Find out more FREE MARC Records on book orders.  Find out

100th Anniversary of The Velveteen Rabbit

Celebrate the 100 th  anniversary of  The Velveteen Rabbit  with a new edition illustrated by Caldecott-winner Stead! Margery Williams’ classic children’s story  The Velveteen Rabbit  gets a new look for its centennial with stunning artwork by Caldecott Award-winning illustrator  Erin Stead  ( A Sick Day for Amos McGee )! First published in 1922,  The Velveteen Rabbit  has delighted generations of young readers with its timeless tale of a now-threadbare stuffed animal who is able to turn “Real” because he has been truly loved by his little boy.    With the full, original story, this new edition is perfect for school libraries, book rooms, or classroom libraries.  Order today!

Celebrate National Poetry Month

  Celebrate National Poetry Month with these Perma-Bound titles! Poetry is life Crossing linguistic divides To unite the world Happy National Poetry Month! The annual event, designed to remind people of the integral role of poetry and poets in our culture, has grown since its inception in 1996 to become the largest literary celebration in the world, with millions of K-12 teachers and librarians, students, and poetry-lovers everywhere participating. Get the most out of the festivities with these Perma-Bound   poetry titles  for  school and classroom.

Spring 2022 Perma-Picks

Our Spring Perma-Picks Catalog, showcasing hundreds of Perma-Bound's latest and greatest K-12 titles for 2022, is now available in print and online. We've put together a stellar collection that includes the most recent starred and notable titles from respected reviewing agencies, as well as the latest installments of popular series. Sections include Starred Reviews, New & Notables, Popular Series, Social Studies, Arts & Literature, Science & Math, Spanish & Bilingual, and Reference—so you're sure to find the best of the best. Plus, many Perma-Picks titles dovetail with state standards and STEAM curriculum guidelines. View PDF Catalogue


We provide our K-12 customers with a completely customizable digital audiobook library. Audiobooks from a variety of publishers will allow you to improve access to literature and boost reading and listening skills, especially for reluctant readers, providing your students with the literacy boost they need. Perma-Bound's Digital Audiobooks are powered by AudioEngine, one of the world's largest collections of digital audiobooks. Enjoy books in a whole new way Listen anytime, anyplace Nearly 50,000 audiobook titles to choose from No subscription or hosting fees Lifetime Access Single User License Are you looking for ways to build your students' excitement and confidence around daily reading assignments? Incorporate audiobooks to ensure your busiest students have time to complete the work, and to help your reluctant readers not only achieve higher reading levels, but also develop a passion for reading. Search All Digital Audiobooks  

A Look at Diversity

Diversity is more than just the colour of your skin or where you come from, it is also the experiences that make you who you are, religion, education, homelessness, poverty, sexuality, family etc. We have collected together small unique sets of titles that address the varied forms of Diversity. The lists include Diversity/Multicultural, Social Justice and Anti-Racism, Culturally –Responsive Resources, Resource Diversity and Author Diversity and Equity. In addition, we have resources on-line in our new Diversity Tab on our home page at . Click Here to View Catalogue