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Announcing the Closure of Perma-Bound Canada

It is with immense sadness that we announce the closure of  Perma-Bound Canada.  Closure of Perma-Bound Canada As of September 7 2023  Perma-Bound Canada Perma-Bound Canada will be closed. Effective immediately no Canadian Orders will be accepted on our website at or over the Canadian toll free number 1-800-461-1999 or by fax 1-888-250-3811. Orders submitted to Perma-Bound Books (USA) from Canada will not be accepted. To Our Customers with Current Orders In-House If your order is in-house it will be filled with stock on-hand. All back orders will be cancelled. When you receive the invoice, please remit payment, in Canadian dollars, directly to: Perma-Bound Books 617 E. Vandalia Road Jacksonville, illinois  62650 If you require service, please call 1-800-637-6581 or 1-217-243-5451 and ask for Customer Service.  Please identify yourself as a Canadian Customer. With Gratitude We have enjoyed and been honoured to have been invited into your schools and libraries.  For