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Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood: A Critical Window As an educator, you know that little ones are learning from the moment they take their first breath! You know from experience that the lessons they learn, and how they learn them, are vitally important to their future growth and development. You also know that research backs you up. Recent studies have used imaging technology to determine that developing brains are twice as active as those of adults. Further, brain development in areas associated with speech, written language, social development, and math get their most influential input from birth to age 4. Social Domain Titles - Click Here for Titles    Physical Domain - Click Here for Titles   Language Domain - Click Here for Titles   Emotional Domain - Click Here for Titles   Cognitive Domain - Click Here for Titles   A Vital Opportunity Studies show that kids involved in preschool: Have stronger social development Are more likely to s

Alberta Senior High Novels List 2019

  2019 Alberta Senior High Novels List... ...Is now available for download. All the titles recommended and approved for Alberta Senior High Schools can be clicking the link below. This year the list consists of books in the Perma-Bound binding and paperbacks and eBooks where the Perma-Bound version was not available. Of course many of the titles listed have supporting Novel Units, Student Packets, and Perma-Guides which provide chapter summaries, and content and vocabulary quizzes. In the Title Details page for a title click 'Search' beside Teaching Materials to see all guides and supporting materials we have for that title. For the first time we have added eBooks to the list where the Perma-Bound or paperback were not available. The prices and license types are set by the publisher. If you have any questions please call or email us and we will be pleased to help you with your selection or order. The 2019 Alberta Senior High Novels Li

Classic Pairings

Teaching the classics? Pairing them with newer titles can add relevance, enhance student understanding Teaching literature is one of your critical jobs as a classroom teacher. As you know, the value of literature goes beyond mere reading comprehension and vocabulary expansion; fiction-reading has been demonstrated to improve student outcomes in other subjects, such as math. It has even been shown to strengthen social understanding and empathy. As a teacher, you want to teach literature that you know is top-notch--and that you know how to teach. Classics, after all, never old--but teaching the same book over and over can get stale, for both you and your students. There's a way to avoid this problem, however: by combining your core texts with current, complementary literary titles. Inspired pairings--for instance, Colson Whitehead's  The Underground Railroad  with Harriet Beecher Stowe's classic  Uncle Tom's Cabin ; Ta-Nehisi Coates'  Between the World and Me

Time to Rebind!!

Did you know that Perma-Bound doesn't just sell new books?  We also rebind new and used textbooks and novels!   Now that the school year is almost over it's time to start thinking about your resources for next year. Are your textbooks worn and torn? Are pages beginning to fall out? Are the covers no longer protecting the materials? Let Perma-Bound Rebind Your Books You can get years of additional use out of your old textbooks with Perma-Bound's rebinding service. If you have textbooks whose bindings are damaged, but you still need to use, you can send them to us, and we'll rebind them using our durable Perma-Bound binding. We will rebind books* and return them, in most cases, within 60 days of receipt. If you're not sure your books are suitable for rebinding, call us first, toll-free, at 1-800-461-1999. New Textbooks: $13.98/book   Click Here to Order Used Textbooks: $17.16/book   Click Here to Order At just a fraction of the cost you can