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SPECIAL OFFER - Free Shipping!! Shop Please Distribute to Your Principal or Department Heads GIVE YOUR TEXTBOOKS A NEW LIFE!   Perma-Bound Canada Rebinding Service Are your old textbooks falling apart? We can provide years of additional student use when we rebind your old textbooks with our patented, durable Perma-Bound binding. Simply send your worn-out textbooks to us, and we will transform them from....                   ...this                              to                             this! STEP 1 Box up your texts. (Please no more than 12 to a box.) STEP 2 Download and complete the Rebinding Order Form STEP 3 Call us at 1.800.461.1999 to arrange for a pickup New Textbooks $13.65 #490002 Used Textbooks $16.84 #490003                          A minimum order will consist of 10 or more copies of the same textbook and the order must total $250 or more. Perma-Bound Canada,