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Celebrate Shakespeare with Perma-Bound

Celebrate The Bard  With  Perma-Bound With our wide-ranging Shakespeare resources, we proudly represent the life and work of the man whose contribution to world literature and the English language can perhaps best be summed up in one word (of his own coinage, of course): "priceless." > Learn More Free Teacher’s Guide for Macbeth In honor of the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, download a Free copy of our Teacher’s Guide for Macbeth ! Click here to download To view the other Teacher’s Guides that Perma-Bound offers, click here

Series Tracker

Do you want updates letting you know when new books are available in your favourite series?  Check out Perma-Bound's new Series Tracker Program! Perma-Bound Series Tracker Service The Series Tracker Service is designed to help you monitor when new titles are released in a popular series. It also provides a single, convenient location for you to access relevant series content for the series that we track. Create a custom list of series that you would like to track over time and receive notifications when new titles become available within the Perma-Bound ordering system. Each month, you will receive an email notifying you of any new titles that have been added to the series you are tracking. Customize your list of tracked series from three categories: Elementary School Middle School or High School  Within each of these categories, we have highlighted the top 25 most popular series within Series Tracker. If you don’t see a series that you wish to track, ple