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Weeding Your Library

Weeding Your Library What is Weeding? Weeding is the periodic and continual evaluation of your library's resources with the goal of removing obsolete, damaged, and rarely used books. Weeding ensures that your library's materials are useful, attractive, and accessible to your patrons. Every library's print collection is limited by the space available, and collections must change over time to reflect changes in the community and in the library's goals. Avoiding a “Musty” Library Answer these questions to help you determine if a book should stay or go. Is the book misleading? Is the book factually inaccurate or out-of-date? Is the book worn-out – beyond repair or rebinding? Has the book been replaced by a new edition or better source? Is the book trivial, meaning there is no discernible literary or scientific merit? Has the book become irrelevant in that it's no longer pertinent to the needs and interest of your organization or its readers? Does the