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Remembering Gary Paulsen

Gary Paulsen, being a writer in his own words. (Via Random House Kids on YouTube) Perma-Bound has a full selection of Gary Paulsen Titles.  Click Here  For the full list Including his most recent title:  How to Train Your Dad  

2022 Author/illustrator Birthday Calendar

Order The Print Calendar Here Our FREE 2022 Perma-Bound exclusive  Author/Illustrator Birthday Calendar  is a wall calendar and a teaching resource!     Beautifully illustrated in full colour! Monthly featured author. Introduce students to outstanding authors and illustrators and their books.   Provide a framework for planning weekly or monthly author studies and literature appreciation and enrichment programs.   Aid teachers and librarians in planning cooperative lessons featuring various library genres such as folk tale, poetry, biography, fantasy, and science fiction.   Curriculum Matrix included.    January Calendar   |  Feature February Calendar   |  Feature March Calendar   |  Feature April Calendar   |  Feature May Calendar   |  Feature June Calendar   |  Feature July Calendar   |  Feature August Calendar   |  Feature September Calendar   |  Feature October Calendar   |  Feature November Calendar   |  Feature December Calendar   |  Feature