Distance Learning Resources from Perma-Bound

Perma-Bound is ready to help you with distance learning with an array of products that offer teachers more tools than ever before to remotely
teach students at all levels. Below are a few of the options.

Be sure to visit our distance learning page for more information.

LevelUp is a robust adaptive reading platform for PreK-2+ that fosters young readers’ literacy growth through a single interactive resource that brings together educators and students. Featuring a format that supports small group and whole class instruction as well as individualized reading and learning,
LevelUp can provide a personalized experience for every student.

Lightbox is the revolutionary, fully digital product for the library market launched by Smartbook Media Inc.

A digital interactive curriculum solution

Lightbox integrates text and audio, videos, weblinks, slideshows, activities, maps, and transparencies, providing teachers and students with a fresh, dynamic approach to curriculum content.

Blended learning is available at your fingertips—and your students’—with educational services from AV2. Available in five subscription packages to fulfill your K-8 needs, AV2’s offerings include:

  • AV2 World Languages: Including 1,210 audio eBooks—110 titles in 11 languages—World Languages features only the highest-quality AV2 books. Each AV2 World Languages Digital Subscription title can be switched between 1 of 11 different languages with a simple click.

  • EyeDiscover: Beginning readers can get the full benefit of optic read-alongs with the 170 digital titles available through EyeDiscover. Each title is read aloud by a professional narrator, allowing beginning readers to listen at their own pace.

  • AV2 Fiction: Bring story time to life with AV2 fiction titles for grades K-6. The program features celebrated children’s titles, read aloud by professional narrators, showcasing timeless tales of mystery, suspense, adventure, and the life lessons learned as children grow.

  • AV2 Nonfiction, K-2, K-5 and 3-8: With 134 interactive nonfiction ebooks at the K-2 level, 498 for K-5, and 384 for grades 3-8, titles are designed to engage even the most reluctant readers. Lessons come alive with multimedia features, including videos, web links, activities, and more.

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