The Most Magnificent Thing by Ashley Spires

The Most Magnificent Thing by Canadian Author Ashley Spires is now a short film! 

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Based on the book written by award-winning author and illustrator, Ashley Spires, The Most Magnificent Thing is an inspirational story about a little girl with a creative spirit, determined to make great things. When she receives her very own tool kit, the little girl sets out to make the most magnificent thing for her best friend – but it’s not as easy as she thinks! The Most Magnificent Thing is a timeless tale about learning through perseverance and hard work, the power of love, and selflessness.

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The Most Magnificent Thing

Ashley Spires
Catalogue #: 99173
School and Library Discount Price: $27.56
Perma-Bound Binding

About Ashley Spires:
Ashley Spires is a Canadian children's book author and illustrator. She paints all of her picture books and graphic novels by hand rather than starting with sketches and digitally coloring them, something editors say "sets her apart from the pack." Her characters have been called "dapper and stylish."

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