Creating a Literacy Rich Classroom Environment

Literacy 101: Creating a Literacy Rich Classroom Environment

Believe it or not, the new school year is just around the corner--which means it's time to think about classroom set-up that maximizes student outcomes. With that in mind, here are a few tips for creating a literacy rich classroom, adaptable to different grade levels:
1)    Put print everywhere. Reinforce crucial literacy skills with a print-heavy environment-not always easy to find in a society that preferences visual imagery.
Establish that environment with books, written signs, alphabets, word boards, posted name labels, and posters that feature written messages or slogans. Words, words, words--words should be everywhere.
2)    Stock your classroom library. Research suggests that a well-stocked classroom library contains at least four books for every pupil, and should include a regular infusion of new titles.
Budget constraints may make this goal challenging. But teachers can fill the "novelty gap" with regular library trips.
3)    Scatter books. Create classroom learning centers on specific topics, each with at least two or three books. Or build "book boxes" around a curriculum theme.
4)    Emphasize writing, too. A writing center stocked with various implements and papers can help younger students develop letter awareness and fine motor skills, or enable older students to practice skills.
5)    Add listening. Reinforce literacy skills by reading stories aloud, or creating listening centers where students can read along to audiobooks.
6)    Show as well as tell. Model reading and writing activities whenever possible, especially with younger students.
These are just a few suggestions to create a literacy-rich classroom environment. You can get more ideas with these resources. Plus, be sure to visit, where you will find thousands of titles for grades K-12.


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