Time to Rebind!!

Did you know that Perma-Bound doesn't just sell new books? 

We also rebind new and used textbooks and novels!  

Now that the school year is almost over it's time to start thinking about your resources for next year.

  • Are your textbooks worn and torn?
  • Are pages beginning to fall out?
  • Are the covers no longer protecting the materials?

Let Perma-Bound Rebind Your Books

You can get years of additional use out of your old textbooks with Perma-Bound's rebinding service. If you have textbooks whose bindings are damaged, but you still need to use, you can send them to us, and we'll rebind them using our durable Perma-Bound binding.
We will rebind books* and return them, in most cases, within 60 days of receipt. If you're not sure your books are suitable for rebinding, call us first, toll-free, at 1-800-461-1999.

New Textbooks: $13.98/book  Click Here to Order

Used Textbooks: $17.16/book Click Here to Order

At just a fraction of the cost you can refurbish your textbooks to use for many years to come!  And to save you even more...

Free Shipping both ways on orders of $250 or more! 

(One time shipping cost of $25 on orders less than $250)

Perma-Bound's rebinding service can help your library or classroom save money by preserving your existing stock and freeing up your budget for new additions, rather than replacements.

  • Please note:
      Contact Perma-Bound Customer Service for shipping call tags (at no cost to you). If total weight of shipment is under 300 lbs, UPS will pick-up your shipment. If total weight exceeds 300 lbs, a freight company will pick-up your shipments. (The books must be boxed and placed on a skid).
    • Weight limit per box is 50-60 lbs, which is approximately 12 textbooks per box. Not responsible for books lost in transit to our facility.
    • Please ensure that your shipment includes at least ten (10) of each textbook of the same title.
    • Some books are not suitable for rebinding. Books that are not suitable for rebinding will be returned or destroyed at the customer's request.
    • Books are bound "as is" we will not add pages.
    • Customers will receive rebound books, in most cases, within 60 days of receipt.
    • We are unable to offer our unconditional guarantee on rebound textbooks.


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