Growth Mindset and Resiliency

Looking for resources that support Growth Mindset and Resiliency?  Check out these selected titles from Perma-Bound!


There are many factors that are involved in building success in early education. Students are just learning new skills and there will be setbacks and failures. A growth mindset perceives a challenge as an opportunity to learn rather than a challenge to overcome. This allows students to see that mistakes are a part of the process, as well as resiliency which is the perseverance to stick with the concept until the skill has be mastered. The following list presents 36 hand-picked titles fostering Growth Mindset and Resiliency.

Growth Mindset: Resources exploring strategies that support confidence, embracing challenges, persisting when facing obstacles, and being inspired by other’s successes.

Resiliency: Resources reflecting the ability to bounce back from adversity. Resilience is the optimism to continue when you’ve experienced some failures, to view mistakes as opportunities and the motivational drive to keep at a difficult task over a sustained period of time.

Fostering Character: Resources about understanding and building perseverance. The tenacity to believe in oneself, to set goals, feel socially connected and develop self-regulatory skills.

Rosie Revere, EngineerHappy DreamerThe Book of Mistakes


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