Equity and Diversity Collection

Perma-Bound is offering a collection of 150 titles that deals with the topics of equity and diversity. These titles, selected by long-time Ontario writer/consultant Lori Ryan, were chosen based on the three criteria of cultural, academic, and personal diversity. Click on the link below to view the collection.

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Equity and Diversity Selection Criteria:

Diversity has much to do with the way we define ourselves and how we fit into the world around us. The traits that make us individual or diverse, are also the traits that bring us together, those things we share in common. This list looks at resources that exemplify the ways we are the same and how we are different. In creating this list we looked at the following criteria. 

Cultural Diversity - Many People, One World Rights/Religion/Freedom/Race/Ethnicity/Culture/Traditions 

Academic Diversity - Inclusive Schools, Classrooms, and Curriculum 
Special Talents/Various Types of Students/Importance of Teachers/ Adhd/Autism/Learning Disabilities/Our Diverse World 

Personal DiversityEveryone is Unique 
Sex/Gender/Marriage/Families/Physical Ability/Age/ Overcoming Barriers/Friendship/Individuality 

The resources have been selected to appeal to both students and teachers and have been carefully selected to match the interests of the target audience.

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