Manage My Collection

Looking for a simple way to coordinate the books on your shelves to the books you need to order? Save Time and Money by utilizing Perma-Bound's Manage My Collection Tool!

What is Manage My Collection?

Manage My Collection is a comparative tool that matches your school or library's Machine Readable Cataloging data (MARC records) against Perma-Bound's entire product inventory.  You can use this feature to eliminate unwanted duplicate titles when placing orders and developing lists, or as a means of analyzing your collection.

How do I know which Books are in my Collection?

Titles in your lists and searches are compared via Match Icon to your existing library collection and coded for each result so you can easily asses whether a title is required or already part of your collection!

Match Icons:

   Exact Match - Identical ISBNs from your MARC records and Perma-Bound's database for that title or exact, title, author, and date.

   Possible Match - Perma-Bound's database matched the title and either the author or illustrator to your records for that product.  You should check your collection for more thorough verification.

   No Match - Your collection does not appear to include that title.

After your library's initial MARC record upload, set your account to automatically upload your MARC records every time you order from Perma-Bound!

Will it Work with my System?

Manage My Collection is a Universal program that accommodates nearly all circulating systems.
Click on this link to find yours:  Software Circulating Systems

How do I Start?

  1. Log in to your free web account
  2. Export your MARC records from your software circulation system as a single file.  (Export instruction are available here or in the online 'Help Center')
  3. Upload this file from your computer using the "Update" feature under the "Manage My Collection" heading on your "My Account" page.
  4. Perma-Bound will apply the results to your user profile within 1-2 hours!
  5. The results will then be applied to your web account, and one of the three match icons will appear to the right of the Title of all lists and search results!

What will I See? 

For example, perhaps you need additional resources about cats in your library.  Your list includes the following titles.  Based on the match icons you can see that one book is already in your collection, one book is likely in your collection based on title and author information, and one book is not currently a selection in your library.  At one glance you can compare your list with the resources in your library without ever having to leave your computer!

Manage My Collection will help you save time and money by providing a quick and easy resource for coordinating the books on your library shelves and any orders placed with Perma-Bound!  

How easy is that!


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