Tips for Weeding your Library

To maintain a robust library requires periodic evaluations of your library's resources.  Weeding obsolete, damaged, and unused books is a simple way to ensure a collection that is relevant and useful for all of your patrons. However, eliminating books is never an easy process.  Here is a quick acronym that can help as you sort through your collection.

Avoid A "Mustie" Library

Here are tips to help you determine if a book should go.


Factually inaccurate or out of date


Worn out beyond mending or rebinding


A new edition or better source available


No discernible literary or scientific merit


No longer pertinent to the needs and interests of your organization or its readers


Easily borrowed or researched from another source

For more tips and advice for weeding your library click on the following link:

You will find information on:

   * Setting a Weeding Policy
     * Surveying your Collection
* Exceptions to Consider
 * Discarding Information

For more help, check out Perma-Bound's Manage My Collection Tool to help you maintain your library and resources!


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