Celebrate Dad on Father's Day

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Because Your Daddy Loves You
Annotation: When things go wrong during a day at the beach, like a ball that drifts away or a gooey ice cream mess, a father could do a lot of things but always picks the loving one.
Catalog Number: #26354

Berenstain Bears And The Papa's Day Surprise
Series: Berenstain Bears   
Annotation: Papa Bear makes it clear to his family that he does not believe in celebrating Fathers' Day, then changes his opinion but fears it may be too late for any special treatment.
Catalog Number: #27707

Bertie: Just Like Daddy
Annotation: In a celebration of the bond between a father and a son, Bertie the hippo demonstrates all the fun things he and his father can do together throughout the day, including having piggy-back rides and eating tasty treats!
Catalog Number: #38089

Celebrating Father's Day: Father's Day Is For Special People
Annotation: Discusses how anyone can celebrate Father's Day.
Catalog Number: #48832
Dad And Pop: An Ode To Fathers & Stepfathers
Annotation: A little girl celebrates her two fathers, who are very different except in one very important way.
Catalog Number: #48487

Dad's Dinosaur Day
Annotation: Mikey's Dad finds a unique way of relieving stress by becoming a dinosaur.
Catalog Number: #67193

David's Father
Series: Munsch For Kids   
Annotation: When Julie goes home with David for dinner, she finds out that David's father is a giant.
Catalog Number: #68850

Day With Dad
Annotation: Tim waits with excitement for a train to bring his father, who lives in another town, then spends an entire day with him, doing all of their favorite things, until it is time for Dad to catch the train home.
Catalog Number: #24891

Fathers Are Coming Home
Annotation: As nighttime falls all types of fathers--fish, rabbits, snails, pigs, and a boy's father make their way home to their families.
Catalog Number: #41398

Froggy's Day With Dad
Series: Froggy   
Annotation: Froggy and his dad celebrate Father's Day with a game of miniature golf, among other things.
Catalog Number: #110805

Happy Father's Day (Lift-The-Flap Book)
Series: Little Critter   
Annotation: Little Critter and Little Sister prepare a special Father's Day celebration for Dad and Grandpa.
Catalog Number: #16732

How To Babysit A Grandpa
Annotation: A little boy provides instructions for properly babysitting one's grandfather, such as offering him tasty treats and entertaining him with special games.
Catalog Number: #70774

Just Because You're Mine
Annotation: Little Red Squirrel tries to guess the reason why his daddy loves him.
Catalog Number: #57628

My Father Is Taller Than A Tree
Annotation: Describes, in rhyming text and illustrations, the many different ways fathers and sons interact with one another.
Catalog Number: #41042

My Father Knows The Names Of Things
Annotation: Rhyming text depicts a father sharing with his child such things as seven words that all mean blue and the name of every kind of cloud.
Catalog Number: #41384

Night Before Father's Day
Series: Night Before   
Annotation: A retelling of the popular Night Before rhyme for Father's Day.  
Catalog Number: #60867

Perfect Father's Day
Annotation: When four-year-old Susie treats her father to a series of special activities for Father's Day, they just happen to be all of her own favorite things.
Catalog Number: #232002

Tyrannosaurus Dad
Annotation: Tobias's father is different from other dads, not only because he is a tyrannosaurus but also because he is busy all of the time, but when disaster looms during Field Day at Tobias's school, his dad comes through.
Catalog Number: #51785

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