Fairy Tales Retold

Fairy Tales are extremely popular books in most schools and libraries.  With universal themes such as, romance, magic, mystery, and finding true love, these books have become quite popular with teens - particularly with many fairy tale based movies out in the theatres as well!  The Once Upon a Time Series is a collection of fairy tales featuring a teenaged heroine.  

Once Upon A Time Series:

Beauty Sleep: A Retelling Of  Before Midnight: A Retelling Of Cinderella Belle: A Retelling Of Beauty And The Beast Crimson Thread: A Retelling Of Rumpelstiltskin Diamond Secret: A Retelling Of Anastasia Golden Midnight Pearls: A Retelling Of The Little Mermaid Rose Bride: A Retelling Of Snow: A Retelling Of Storyteller's Daughter: A Retelling Of Sunlight And Shadow: A Retelling Of Violet EyesWild Orchid: A Retelling Of The Ballad Of MulanWinter's ChildWorld Above


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