Earth Day

Monday April 22nd, 2013 is Earth Day.  Here are a few selected resources about Earth Day and Earth Day Activities.  Click on the book title to find pricing and additional reading information.

Every Day On Earth: Fun Facts That Happen Every 24 Hours

Murrie, Steve & Matthew

Annotation: Almost 40,000 trees are cut down everyday just to make paper bags.  And a mayfly lives its entire life in a single day.  This book is full of fun facts about space, technology, pop culture, food, animals, sports, the human body, and more!
Catalog Number: #51982

Earth Day

Annotation: Learn the history of Earth Day, the celebrations, and how you can get involved.  
Catalog Number: #35907

Earth Day
Annotation: Tells the story of Earth Day 1970 and 1990 in the United States and the special activities planned to call global attention to the problems of pollution, environmental destruction, and waste of natural resources.
Catalog Number: #84866

Earth Day

Annotation: Introduces the holiday Earth Day, discussing its purpose and how it is celebrated.
Catalog Number: #84876

All New Crafts For Earth Day
Annotation: Provides simple instructions for making crafts used in celebrating Earth Day such as finger puppets, earth-friendly craft boxes, flower sachets, and photograph frames.
Catalog Number: #6669

Earth Day Crafts
Annotation: Provides easy-to-follow directions for making a bounce back ball from recycled materials, play the Extinction Game, and other activities associated with Earth Day.
Catalog Number: #84907

Ants In Your Pants, Worms In Your Plants!: (Gilbert Goes Green)
Series: Gilbert And Friends   
Annotation: Gilbert seems to be the only one in his class who cannot think of any ideas for an Earth Day project.
Catalog Number: #48624

Earth Day-Hooray!
Series: MathStart: Level 3   
Annotation: A drive to recycle cans on Earth Day teaches the children of the Maple Street School Save-the-Planet Club about place value.
Catalog Number: #84906

Clifford's Spring Clean-Up
Annotation: Clifford causes more harm than good when cleaning inside but is a great help at the vacant lot on Earth Day.
Catalog Number: #55901

Earth Day
Annotation: When Mrs. Connor's class celebrates Earth Day, Emma decides to start small by recycling, using only what she needs, and picking up trash when she goes for a walk.
Catalog Number: #33301

Earth Day Fun
Annotation: Sid and his friends look into exactly what dirt is when they prepare to plant a tree for Earth Day.
Catalog Number: #48656

Every Day Is Earth Day
Series: I Can Read! Level 1   
Annotation: When Nancy, the girl who loves to use fancy words, learns about Earth Day and "being green," her enthusiasm causes problems at home.
Catalog Number: #41190

It's Earth Day

Series: Little Critter   
Annotation: After Little Critter's class takes an Earth Day trip to the local recycling center, Little Critter decides to do his part to help protect the environment.
Catalog Number: #23956

Earth Day Escapade
Series: Nancy Drew And The Clue Crew Vol. 18   
Annotation: When the class float is sabotaged before the Earth Day parade, it is up to eight-year-old Nancy Drew and the members of her detective club to find out who did it.
Catalog Number: #33304

Save The Earth!
Save The Earth!
Series: Ready, Freddy! Vol. 25   
Annotation: To celebrate Earth Day, Freddy's first-grade class participates in a go green challenge where they must complete ten planet-friendly activities by the end of the week.
Catalog Number: #57983


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