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Perma-eHub is a free service that gives you a customized library for your Perma-ebooks. Perma-eHub manages your eBook licenses from a single, central location. Your students, staff, and administrators can access all of your eBooks as if they existed in a single library.  All of your eBook licenses are managed by Perma-eHub, allowing your students to check out books when a license is available.  Instead of dealing with messy Data Rights Management, contracts, and servers, Perma-eHub handles it all for you, so you can focus on delivering content to your students.  You are given complete control over who can search for and read them.  All from a simple, intuitive interface designed to do the hard work for you. 

Perma-eHub Info

Designed as a companion to your physical library, Perma- eHub aims to make eBooks even simpler than traditional books.

Integrated search tool
Let Perma-eHub do the hard work for you by cataloging and searching your eBook library. 

Easy user permissions
Hubs are the simplest way to allow or deny access to whatever eBook you choose.

Import user databases
Bring massive numbers of users into your Perma-eHub account in seconds.

Integrated eReader
After finding a book you want to read, simply click and start. No downloading necessary.

Personal login page
Your login page has its own customizable URL, so your users will never be lost.

Take eHub for a test drive:

For more information about Perma-eHub or to search our ebook database of over 30,000 titles click here: Perma-eHub

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