Down Syndrome Awareness Day

Here are some resources to help support World Down Syndrome Day in your school, library or classroom!  Click on the book covers to see more about the books.

We'll Paint The Octopus Red
We'll Paint the Octopus Red 
by Stephanie Stuve-Bodeen

Emma and her father discuss what they will do when the new baby arrives, bu they adjust their expectations when he is born with Down Syndrome.

Best Worst Brother
The Best Worst Brother 
by Stephanie Stuve-Bodeen

Older sister Emma tries to be patient while teaching three-year-old Isaac, who has Down Syndrome, how to communicate using sign language.  Includes question and answers about sign language.

The Little King and the Marshmallow Kingdom
by Louis Rotella III

Mischievous King Louie the IV, who has Down Syndrome, shows his neighbourhood friends that there are more similarities than differences and encourages them to think about the uniqueness of others in a new way.

Be Good To Eddie Lee
Man Who Loved Clowns
Be Good to Eddie Lee
by Virginia Fleming

Although Christy considered him a pest, when Eddie Lee, a boy with Down's Syndrom, follows her into the woods, he shares several special discoveries with her.

The Man Who Loved Clowns
by June Rae Wood

A child grows up in a family with a disabled member.


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