Celebrate Earth Hour with these Books about Energy

Earth Hour will be held across the World on March 23, 2013 from 8:30-9:30pm. Many Canadian schools and schools boards will be participating in their own Earth Hour activities on March 22nd.  Here are some resources about energy, the importance of conservation, and ways you can help protect the planet.

Click on the book covers for more information.  You can order any of these titles by calling 1-800-461-1999 or visit www.perma-bound.com to order online!

Resources for K-3:

Blackout  Shocking Truth About Energy
Saving Energy  When Charlie McButton Lost Power 
Why Should I Save Energy?  Click! Energy

Resources for Grades 1-4:

Our Earth Saving Energy  Keesha's Bright Idea
Our Earth Clean Energy  Energy

Resources for Grades 2-5:

   Save The Earth! True Green: 100 Things You Can Do To Save The Planet Energy Crisis: The Future Of Fossil Fuels
  Every Day On Earth: Fun Facts That Happen Every 24 Hours Help Your Parents Save The Planet: 50 Simple Ways To Go Green You Can Save The Planet: 50 Ways You Can Make A Difference 
 Earth's Energy What Is Energy?: Exploring Science With Hands-On Activities Using Energy


Resources for Grades 4-7:

Mission: Save The Planet  Energy-Resource Maps
Save Energy  101 Ways You Can Help Save The Planet Before You're 12!

Resources for Grades 5-9:

Energy Supplies In Crisis  What If We Run Out Of Fossil Fuels?  Energy

Resources for Grades 7-12:

Energy: Use Less - Save More  Energy Sources (eBook)  World Energy Crisis


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