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Check out these titles with links to Canadian History!

Underground to Canada by Barbara Smucker

Two young slave girls escape from a plantation in Mississippi and wind a hazardous route toward freedom in Canada via the Underground Railroad.

A twelve-year-old slave girl begins writing in a journal where she documents her journey via the Underground Railroad from Alexandria, Virginia, to freedom in St. Catherines, Canada.

This is the dramatic story of the Underground Railroad as seen through the eyes of two young girls--Eliza, a runaway slave, and Johanna, whose family gives Eliza refuge.

While her father leads her toward Canada and away from the plantation where they have been slaves, a young girl thinks of the quilt her mother used to teach her a code that will help guide them to freedom.

(Original Publisher's Hardcover Only)

 Viola Desmond Won't Be Budged by Jody Nyasha Warner

Tells the story of Viola Desmond, an African Canadian woman who, i1946, challenged a Nova Scotia movie theater's segregation policy by refusing to move from her seat to an upstairs section designated for use by blacks.  (Orignal Publisher' Hardcover Only)

 Fergie Jenkins by Richard Brignall
(Original Publisher's Hardcover Only)

Coretta Scott King Awards

The Coretta Scott King Awards recognize an African-American author and illustrator of outstanding books for children and young adults that demonstrate sensitivy to "the true worth and value of all being." The Coretta Scott King/John Steptoe New Talent Award is presented to a writer and/or illustrator at the beginning of their careeer as a published children's book creator.

Author Award


I, Too, Am America illustrated by Bryan Collier, 
written by Langston Hughes


H. O. R. S. E. illustrated and written by Christopher Myers
Ellen’s Broom illustrated by Daniel Minter, 
written by Kelly Starling Lyons
I Have a Dream illustrated by Kadir Nelson, 
written by Martin Luther King, Jr.

Book List: Coretta Scott King Illustrator Award, 2013 (Includes Poster)

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