Perma-Bound Binding – School Tough, Library Proven

Perma-Bound Books is dedicated to offering the highest quality products to our customers.  With 55 years in the bindery business, and with this commitment in mind, we continue to provide the strongest books you can buy.  Perma-Bound has created a product that is ideal for use in both schools and libraries when the wear and tear on books is most evident.

The Patented Perma-Bound Binding:

Books in the patented Perma-Bound binding include fiction, non-fiction, and reference materials.  Books with this binding include the following features:
  • Rounded and backed spine to showcase title
  • Bright illustrated covers with laminated polyester coating
  • High density binders board for maximum durability
  • Spine reinforcing flannel support
  • Polyvinyl adhesive never dries or cracks
  • PUR – Reactive Polyurethane

By using the PUR technology we are able to achieve books that have:
  • Outstanding round-ability and round-retention
  • Excellent lay-flat characteristics
  • Maximum durability – Maintains binding integrity over time and superior page pull and flex values
  • High heat resistance
  • Superb sub-zero flexibility
  • Environmentally safe
  • Bonds to more types of stock
  • Bind books ½” to 2¾” thick
  • Bind coated stock with very little gutter margins

The Styleline Binding

Books in the Styleline binding include Children’s books 3/8” thin or less.  These books are sewn and bound with Perma-Bound’s specialized process:
  • Reinforced cloth end papers
  • Sewn binding
  • Extra wide inlay to lock in sewn pages
  • Bright illustrated covers with laminated polyester coating
  • High density binders board for durability
  • Paperboard inlay locks in pages
  •  1¼” reinforcing cloth extension provides supports for pages. 

Perma-Bound Unconditional Guarantee:

If you are ever dissatisfied with a book in our Perma-Bound binding we will replace it – guaranteed!


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