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Resources for Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day
Aloian, Molly

Series:Celebrations In My World 

Annotation: Examines the history of Remembrance Day, a special day in Canada and other countries set aside to honour veterans and active members of the armed forces, and looks at traditions associated with the holiday.

Catalog Number: #42879

Binding Type: Perma-Bound (from Original Paperback)

Charlie Wilcox McKay, Sharon E. Annotation:Armed with a spy glass, a Red Cross armband, and his special brand of courage, Charlie proves his worth in the trenches of World War I. Catalog Number: #50153 Binding Type: Perma-Bound (from Original Paperback)

The War to End All Wars: World War I Freedman, Russell Annotation: Examines the relationships and alliances of nations in World War I, the introduction of modern weaponry in the war, and the ways in which the seeds of World War II were sown in the first war. Catalog Number: #69564 Binding Type: Perma-Bound (from Original Paperback)

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