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Books to Celebrate Easter

Here are just a few of the titles about Easter available from Perma-Bound.  For even more selections visit and enter Easter in the search bar.

Non-Fiction Books about Easter:

Easter Arts and Crafts:

Fun Reads for Easter:

Religious Easter Titles:

Holi - A Festival of Colours

A selection of resources about Holi and Hindu celebrations!

By Lynn Peppas
Series: Celebrations in My World
Provides an introduction to one of the most colourful celebrations in the world.  Holi, also called the Festival of Colours, explores the history of this holiday and details its significance to Indian Culture.
Catalogue #: 39849
Ebook #: 600007084

Celebrating Holi: A Hindu Celebration of Spring By Sujatha Menon Series: We Love Holidays Photographs and Simple text describe the history and traditions of the Hindu Festival known as Holi, a celebration that marks the arrival of spring. Catalogue #: 4061785

My Hindu Year
By Cath Senker
Series: Year of Religious Fesitvals
Explores the historical, cultural, and contemporary traditions associated with the Hindu religion.
Catalogue #: 18889


Selected Books for Passover

Passover lasts for eight days in Canada and begins tonight after sundown.
Here are some resources you may want to share with your students, patrons, or families about Passover traditions.  Click on the cover for more information!

Celebrate Earth Hour with these Books about Energy

Earth Hour will be held across the World on March 23, 2013 from 8:30-9:30pm. Many Canadian schools and schools boards will be participating in their own Earth Hour activities on March 22nd.  Here are some resources about energy, the importance of conservation, and ways you can help protect the planet.

Click on the book covers for more information.  You can order any of these titles by calling 1-800-461-1999 or visit to order online!

Resources for K-3:

Resources for Grades 1-4:

Resources for Grades 2-5:

Resources for Grades 4-7:

Resources for Grades 5-9:

Resources for Grades 7-12: