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Celebrate Black History Month

Check out these titles with links to Canadian History!
Underground to Canada by Barbara Smucker
Two young slave girls escape from a plantation in Mississippi and wind a hazardous route toward freedom in Canada via the Underground Railroad.

Eliza's Freedom Road: An Underground Railroad Diary by Jerdine Nolen
A twelve-year-old slave girl begins writing in a journal where she documents her journey via the Underground Railroad from Alexandria, Virginia, to freedom in St. Catherines, Canada.

The Last Safe House: A Story of the Underground Railroad
This is the dramatic story of the Underground Railroad as seen through the eyes of two young girls--Eliza, a runaway slave, and Johanna, whose family gives Eliza refuge.

Patchwork Path: A Quilt Map to Freedom by Bettye Stroud
While her father leads her toward Canada and away from the plantation where they have been slaves, a young girl thinks of the quilt her mother used to teach her a code that will help guide them to freedom.

Kids Book of Canadian B…

Signed Book and Free Lesson Plan Special Offer!

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Free Lesson Plans: Free lesson plans are available for the Penguin Classroom Classic titles through the links below.  
Lesson Plans include:  Student Activities for Each ChapterVocabulary Building ExercisesDiscussion QuestionsQ & A with the Author Grades 4-6 A Tale Dark & Grimm Free Lesson Plan

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Playaway from Perma-Bound

Did you know that Perma-Bound Canada also sells a wide variety of audio books?   Playaway is a highly portable, easy-to-use player that comes with an entire audiobook preloaded.  With over 10,000 titles available, from bestsellers to early readers, there will be something for everyone!

By including audio books in your library and classroom you can help support essential literacy skills.

"As the mother of a child with an Auditory Processing Disorder, it's been heartbreaking to watch my son struggle learning how to read.  He loves the Playaway audio books and when purchased with the novel, he is able to read with auditory support.  For those evenings when I'm not able to read with him, it's nice to know that he's learning to love reading on his own."
~ Lori Ryan (Parent of two students in the Durham DSB and Perma-Bound Resource Consultant)

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